Happy Hug Week

Hugs are always a universal expression of showing love and care to your loved ones reassuring you a comforting cuddle. On this Hug Week, we express the feeling of that comfort that you will find while hugging your partners. Every year we celebrate this week with a commitment of being together, there is a various way of celebrating this week say you may pay a visit to your friends & family or simply meet new people and share the mutual emotion. Let us share some new ways through which you can make this week even more memorable. Check out some of our latest Happy Hug Week Cards.

Appreciate your partner and remind them why are they so special in your life. Give them a hug and make them feel your presence with a simple yet beautiful card by mannysoriano.

Friends are those who are distant by sight but connected by heart, we can’t thank them enough what they mean to us in our life so send them a hug across many miles with this sweet card by RedHeadsRule

We often get into some arguments which are not sorted, so this is the time to give a warm hug to that special person and say no more. Send this cozy cards by onbothsides and resolve those piled tensions amongst yourself.

Sometimes we don’t express gratitude to the person we care be it our mother or our siblings, we generally take them for granted so this is the right time to express them this feeling and to say that you care with one of our beautiful in-house cards by 123Greetings.

No matter how busy we are in our daily life and greeting our family and friends with a simple and a warm hug takes away all our worries. It is a feeling which will not only make you feel contented but also makes you a step closer to them.

Speaking of which, since it’s a month of July and fresh flowers are blooming all around, check our new July Flowers themed card from our new entrant on the Studio panel. Walkermd is our Rising Star on the panel, he is a 3D modeler, an animator and a musician from the United States. He really enjoys creating new things that are appealing, uplifting and encouraging. We really appreciate his talent and welcome him on our platform.

Do check out his profile for some amazing cards, until then

Have a great weekend!

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